Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Once Again Unemployed Means More Productivity

Hello Hookers!

Been gone for a while I know, so sorry about that.

I have been busy for sure as of late, learning two new afghan patterns and cranking them out like MAD!

Check it out:

This first one is called the Lazy Waves blankets, I made the rainbow one for myself an had a friend request the second one in Spring Colors for her daughter, took some back and forth but we settled on some amazing color choices!  The picture does not do it justice, they are awesome!

Pattern Link in Image, Courtesy of Look What I made

This second one is a popular pattern with the crochet facebook groups, its called a Virus Blanket and its the 1st time I've tried making one and I have to say I do love the pattern, looks very lacey!
Virus Blanket, Link to Pattern in Image, Courtesy of Jonna Martinez on Ravelry
These two awesome patterns are just gorgeous and I am soo in love with both of them!

On top of these two I've also made some new Loveys!

Sea Turtle Pattern link in image, blanket is a basic star pattern, Sea Turtle courtesy of Lucas Craft House

Pattern for House Elf link in Image, Courtesy of Priscilla Aldama on Ravelry, blanket is a simple square

Aren't they adorable?!?!? The top one is perfect for our area, being on the coast a Sea Turtle is optimum! I love him!  The second one on the bottom was made using the House Elf pattern I use a lot and adding the head, arms, ears, etc. to the Lovey blanket, he's soo cute!

I am excited with the outcome of these items!

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