Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Sun & Moon Aren't Just in the Sky

Hello Hooker!

Happy Hump Day!

Been very busy around here lately- getting some new stuff into my retail display as the weather is warming and its time to switch from Cold weather items to Warm weather items and some items for the kids that venture into the shop with their parents.

So I've started small with some Lovey's for the babies!

I did this one without much guidance and just some inspiration - a Sun Lovey!

Pattern for Sun borrowed from Jess Mason, link to pattern in Image

So then I was getting inspired to do another lovey - this time a Moon Lovey!

Finished it today!

Pattern Borrowed from LA is my Beat, Pattern Link in Image

For both the square (blanket) itself is just a simple Granny Square, and the other components are borrowed patterns from other sites.  I am very pleased with both of them!

During all of this I also bought myself a nice Polymer Clay handled hook from Julia Hosack - she makes them 100% Custom and I Love my Hook!

Click Image to Get to her Facebook Page to Order Your Own Hook!
Thanks All! Lovely Day Hooking!

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