Sunday, February 14, 2016

So Much Going on Right Now - Hats, Dobby's and "Pattern Writing!

Good Afternoon Hookers!

So sometime ago I took on the task of writing my 1st Hat Pattern, made a gorgeous slightly slouchy beanie for women and while it hasn't sold a copy yet, I am pleased with it!

Any yes while my Etsy shop is on "Vacation" while I am healing from some burns from my hands, this pattern is still available on Ravelry!  Click here to get your Own Copy!

So then when my shop took a nosedive, a friend offered a giveaway to boost clicks - so I opted for a giveaway for my famous Dobby Doll! Sadly I only got two entries, and ended up just making two Dobby Dolls...BUT both recipients will be very happy!

Pattern Available on Ravelry - Click Image to Get Your Own Copy

So then I also figured out that the slouchy hats weren't working under my hard hat at work, so I threw this awesome beanie together to help keep my head warm!

Got some amazing testers to help me out and it's now ready to be published to Ravelry and my Etsy shop when it re-opens!  I am thrilled with it!

Then today I got bored with my normal afghan projects and made another hat that I may write up the pattern for, it's a little more complex so I am not sure I will.   But it's cute and I Love it!

It's a kids beanie, and I just LOVE it, as does my daughter, she hasn't taken it off since I had her take these pictures.

Still need to finish the Harry Potter Crest and my Girl Scout Logo afghan's, but I sometimes need something easier to make!

So what's on your Hook Today!?!

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