Monday, February 8, 2016

My 2016 Project Wish List

Good Monday Afternoon Hookers!

How is everyone's project list rolling?  I still have a LOT to get done, let's see

1. The Harry Potter Crochet-A-Long, yeah still working on the crest.
2. The Girl Scout Logo Blanket I posted last week - no more progress has been made on that.
3. Another Braided Cowl to get over to the Retail Location, have one made, want to make one more.
4. A Dobby the House Elf, need three of these - one is an Etsy Order, one will be for the giveaway I am running on my Facebook Page (click here to enter) and then another one in case I get another order.
5.  Finish compiling notes from the testers for my recent hat pattern - here's a photo of the finished product, I've had 8 others send me their final projects and I am pleased with the results I'm seeing!

Whew TONS going on!

So then why do I have a Wish list of things I'd like to do that's a million miles long?

Like one of these bad boys, a Hexagon Granny Square Afghan

Image Courtesy of CreaLien - Link to Pattern in Picture
Then there's a secondary graph pattern that I'd like to try - instead of doing the Corner-to-Corner pattern I am used to doing, you instead make a small square for every block in the graph and assemble them into the picture, I think that would be really cool, I am calling it Crochet Quilting

Image Courtesy of CraftGossip - Link to Pattern in Picture

But then I have this innate desire to make something super cute for my nephew's 1st Birthday - he got a lot of Sock Monkey stuff for Christmas, so thinking about going a Sock Monkey Hat...

Image Courtesy of Repeat Crafter Me - Link to Pattern in Picture

So those are some of the main projects I have a burning desire to do! Not entirely sure why, just do!

But I think the main goal is to just up the sales on my shop and find more ways to make a little pocket money doing what I Love!

I think that's all for today!

I am hoping to have my next hat pattern published by the end of the Week! I am thrilled with it and the testers have given me a LOT of really positive feedback!

Happy Hooking One and All!

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