Friday, January 29, 2016

Just Because it's Girl Scout Cookie Season Doesn't Mean it's All About the Cookies!

Good Friday Morning Crocheters!

Yup you read that right, Girl Scout Cookie Season is underway! However, we're Girl Scouts year round, and in honor of that I started last fall a project for my daughter who is a Scout, she's a 2nd Year Junior and just an amazing young lady!

Here's the Project in Progress right now

So I shared this on the Girl Scout Gabber Group on Facebook and the Mom's there asked for the graph.  Well it was lost when my computer crashed last fall, so I had to start over, and today I finished it!

I adjusted the pattern so it's bigger and will make a full-size afghan vs. the lapghan/wall hanging size you see here.

So for those Crocheting GS Moms/Dads and others who know a Scout, here's a link to the PDF Pattern

Click HERE for PDF Pattern

It's formatted for 11 x 17, sure it can be reformatted to print smaller
**due to the nature of the copyright logo we all know we cannot sell the pattern or products produced with the pattern**

Enjoy and I'd love to see your Finished Projects!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Trying Something "Trendy"

Happy Sunday Crocheters!

Hope all of you in the Northeast buried under the snow are doing well and digging out safely. Here in NC it's cold but clear, we had some flurries yesterday but nothing overly special to write home about.

Anyhew, last night I decided to take a break from the two afghans I'm working on the try my hand at something that is trending on the crochet boards right ow, a Double Layer Crochet Cowl.  Here's the Sample from the bloggers page

This is NOT my Picture, Photo Courtesy of My Hobby is Crochet
So this morning I finished my version of the lovely cowl - the link to the Pattern is Here

Isn't it Pretty?!?!?

So what's on your Hook Today?

Friday, January 15, 2016

Slightly Slouchy Beanie Pattern

Good Morning Hookers!

Well I've crossed to the Dark Side - I have now expanded into Writing Patterns...Yup you saw that right - I have written and tested my 1st Pattern and it's now available for Sale!

I designed this off the cuff one night and got such an Amazing Response from the girls on the Repeat Crafter Me Facebook Group, I decided to write it down.

Got some A-MAZING testers to test it out for me - they also gave me some additional notes for the pattern and it's now been published!

You can get your copy from my Etsy Shop and Ravelry.

Links are below

YarntoAfghanCreations on Etsy


AusAshMommy's Ravelry Store

I am soo thrilled about this I can't even express how thrilled I am!

As Always Enjoy Hookers!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2016 Is Already Starting Off on a Busy Foot!

Hello Crocheters!

Happy New Year! Hope Everyone's had an Awesome Holiday Season! We sure did and all of the Christmas Gifts I made were a huge Success! My favorite though was my Brother's Redskin's Corner-2-Corner I made him.  Check it out!

He loved it and he's hard to Impress!

I also got a TON of new hooks for Christmas and a Wonderful Bag from my Secret Santa on the Heather's Hotshots Elfster Exchange

So now I have all of the New Tools - I am embarking on several new projects - the 1st being a Temperature Afghan, here's a Sample from Pinterest

Sample/Pattern Courtesy of Rastercap Crochet

So I decided to do Granny squares for each day of the year, taking the Temps at 6am - Noon - 6pm with the rows tying in with the colors

Super Excited About it!!!!

So on top of this I am also embarking on another Crochet-A-Long from Two Hearts Crochet, a Harry Potter One - This One might just be my sister's Christmas Present, 1st Square one the Hogwarts Crest.

Picture Courtesy of Two Hearts Crochet

I can't wait to get started...have some shopping to do 1st Though...

Otherwise - Another Baby Blanket for the Sea Trail Grandma's!

So What's on Your Hook?!