Friday, December 11, 2015

A Busy Time of Year For Sure

Hello Crocheters!

Not much to share, but I know it's been ages since I've stopped by to say Hello!

Since my last post I've gotten a new job that has me working 50 hours a week, whew, which leaves very little time after hours to do some crocheting!

I will say though that hasn't deterred orders - I've finished a bag of goodies to send to Sea Trail Grandma's (hats, blankets & two stuffies) and have taken and completed two House Elf Orders from my Etsy Shop!  And nevermind the never ending list of items I volunteered to make

 - Hats for the Holiday Parade for my Girl Scout Troop - there were 20 of those
 - Christmas gifts including two afghans, one is 80% done the other is only 20% started...ugh

So its been very busy but I've enjoyed every second of it, just trying to stay awake long enough at night to get some hook work done :D

If I don't get back here before Christmas, I hope everyone enjoys their holiday!