Sunday, November 22, 2015

Updates for One & All!

Good Sunday Afternoon Crocheters!

Hope Everyone's had an amazing few days!

Been Super, Duper Busy here - and prosperous at the same time!

1/2 of my Stock at the Retail Location SOLD on Friday + I picked-up two orders while there.  WOW WOW WOW! Super Excited about that!

So what's sold?

 - All three hat & scarf sets
 - One set of Fingerless gloves with a pre-pay for an additional set
 - One Rope Scarf
 - Dobby The House Elf Stuffie

Walked out of there with more money than I ever expected!

And the two orders were for a Ear Warmer/Fingerless glove set (pic below) and 10 Cup Kozy's to ship to a store in Idaho! WHAT?!?!?

Check 'em Out Ya'll!

I am so thrilled!

Now I've gone shopping and have started working on replacement items to go back into the Retail Location + I have a Christmas To-Do list about a Mile Long! But I am happy to be busy!

Want Your Own Handmade Item to Give that Special Someone for Christmas, Get Your Orders in NOW! 

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

More Time at Home = Adding Some Volunteer Work to my List

Good Evening Crocheters!

It's been a while since I posted last and in the time I've been away I've been super busy!

I joined up with a group called Sea Trail Grandma's to crochet blankets, hats & toys for our local hospital's NICU, I've made two blanket sets + 1 teddy bear I am very proud of

They are very simple, but their intended recipients are extra special! I love the bear mostly because I did him without a pattern, just winged it and put him together!

Then I've also managed to make some hats for my Girl Scout Troop to wear in the Annual City Holiday Parade

Pattern Can be found on - Click Image for Link
During all of this too I've managed to start 2 Christmas presents and finish one set for my family - I have a to-do list a mile long it seems LOL!!!

No sales at the Smoothie Shop yet, but there's been a lot of interest, which makes me happy!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

YTA Creations has Gone Retail!

Good Wednesday Evening Crocheters!

Happy Veteran's Day, a HUGE Thank-You to all of our Service Men and Women, without you this country would not be what it is today!

Today I took a HUGE step! I set-up a display of goods at a local Herbalife shop, Impact Nutrition, I am soo stoked about that!!! I have been busy the last week assembling goods to put on display and today we were able to get the display set-up, Look!

I still need to get a form to hold the scarves, but I am pleased with it overall!

Super Excited!!!!

Also a reminder, the clock is winding down quickly to Christmas, we're a short 44-Days from Christmas, so get your orders in NOW!

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ok so WOW been Super Busy!

Happy Tuesday Crocheters!

It's rainy and icky here in the Port City, which means staying home and hooking :D Oh yeah!

Anyhew, I've been super duper busy as of late, had someone send me a pic of a rope-like scarf she wanted made - couldn't find a pattern, so I made one up, and she was pleased and turned around and ordered 4 of them!

So here they are!

It truly is a simple pattern, using a 10mm hook and some bulky yarn chain 316, do a HDC in 2nd Chain from hook and across.  Slip stitch the ends together and loop to form a scarf.

The wrap is simple too, using a 9mm Hook

Chain 11
Row 1: 1 DC in 3rd Chain from Hook and Across, ch 3 & turn
Row 2: 1 DC in 2nd DC of Row 1, 1 DC in Skipped DC to form an X, repeat across for 5 total X's, ch 3 & turn
Row 3: Repeat Row 1

Sew a button onto the middle X

Wrap around scarf, and close using a slip stitch.

Super Simple!

Then last night while I was working on the above - my daughter went and got her Charmander toy I'd made her and she proceeded to sit down and read with him in her lap, LOVED seeing it so I snapped a pic

Last but certainly not least, yesterday my husband and I went over to a local Herbalife Club to have some breakfast smoothies, we've known the owners for years, and I picked up the Andy Hat & Scarf I'd made to give to the owner.  She loved it soo much she's offered me a display in her store to sell items, WHAT?!?! I am soo excited!  She told me she's already had inquiries from her customers about how they can get their own sets, so I immediately went to work on more sets in different colors.

Here she is wearing her gift, to say she's looking forward to colder weather is an understatement!

**Pic Shared with her Permission**
So add to the above a growing list of Christmas presents to make for my family I am going to be SUPER busy!  Which is a Good thing!

So that's all for now!

Have Fun Hooking my Friends!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Been Busy Again!

Good Sunday Afternoon Crocheters!

I've been busy again this week...I mean seriously I'm out of work and there's one computer in the house that useable for searching for what else do I have to do...CROCHET duh!

So once I finished the Christmas afghan I moved onto finishing the Halloween one I started weeks ago, got it finished and here it is!

So once that was finished, I also found a cute pattern for a Dobby the House Elf!

Link to Pattern in Picture

I've also added him to my Etsy shop for $15, so get your order in NOW in time for Christmas!

Click here to purchase!

So once Dobby & The Halloween Afghan were finished my son Asked me to make him a Terriermon Toy (A Digimon Character) so we did some digging online and found a pattern, here is the finished product

Pattern Courtesy of WolfDreamer

Click Image for Patten
So then when he was done, it was mid-afternoon on Halloween and I decided I needed a hat to wear while the kiddos were trick-or-treating, enter this beauty

Pattern a variation on iHeartStitching's Slightly Slouchy Beanie

Click Image for Link to Pattern

And last but certainly not least, my daughters kindergarten teacher sent me a message on Facebook wondering if I could make this for her

Image Courtesy of Kay's Crochet Patterns, Link to Pattern in Picture
This is a finger crochet pattern that's sold out, so I decided to see what I could come up with that might be remotely close to this, and here's what I came up with

It may not be 100% close, but I sent the woman these pics, so we'll see what she says.

So what have ya'll be working on?