Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Good Evening Crocheters!

I finally have finished my Christmas Squares Afghan! I opted for a Multi-Colored Varigated Metallic yarn that just  looks like a Candy Cane for the border (Hubby has 100% input there,was his choice)

I am thrilled with the final product!

Check-It Out

Below are the links for each Graph from Sarah's Website,

Candy Cane
Gingerbread Man
Christmas Tree
Merry Christmas Banner

If you've never done a Corner-to-Corner Graph, as I hadn't, I promise you this is a great way to begin!

If you do choose to give it a try and need help - the wonderful ladies of the RepeatCrafterMe Facebook Group are a Wonderful Resource!

I can willingly say I've enjoyed this process very much and am looking forward to many many more Graph Related Projects!

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Getting More Projects Done!

Good Evening Crocheters!

I've been busy the last several days, yesterday I made a cute little girl bunny, all the while writing up her pattern that I'll share here later in the week.  Then I also finished the lattice wrap I've been working on and made a hat for my daughter!

Whew, like I said busy!

Check out the end products here

Both were my own creations - no patterns, just freeform crochet! Got some help with Hops' ears (brown one) but otherwise both mine!

Pattern Courtesy of I Heart Stitching, click here for Link to Pattern

Same hat pattern as above, but the Lattice Neck Warmer is from Crafty Red Blog, click here for link to Pattern
What do you think?  Let me know!

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Christmas is Coming...And in Our House That's Meant a Christmas Crochet-A-Long!

Good Evening Crocheters!

Tonight I am happy to announce I've finished the banners for the Christmas Squares afghan!

So thrilled with the way they've turned out, I still need to stitch the whole thing together, but I am soo excited with the way it turned out!

Please excuse the crud photos, lighting in our room is horrid and the afghan only fits on our king bed

And here's the Pixel Graph w/Pattern

Pattern Pixel Courtesy of Sarah Zimmerman with Repeat Crafter Me, Click Image to Find Pattern
I honestly can't wait to put this together this week and share with you guys!

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Friday, October 23, 2015

FINALLY Got me a Head Form so I could show off...

Good Friday Evening Crocheters!

Hope Everyone's had an awesome week!

It's been good here...being unemployed sucks, but I am trying to make the best of it.

That being said I just had to make a Hobby Lobby run the other night with my son, he's requested a new Christmas Stocking and I figured, meh why not! I'd just finished one for my nephew, why not make him one too...sooo...while I was there I picked up a Styrofoam head form so I could show off some hats/scarves I've made recently!

Check it out

This set is probably my Favorite! The Andy Wrap Scarf & Hat!  I am in love with the Oatmeal color and texture of the Vanna White yarn!


I made the hat without a pattern, but later found one on Pinterest, click here to get the pattern from Rescued Paws Designs

The Scarf Pattern is also located on her website, click here for the Pattern

This set isn't quite finished yet - I need to add to the scarf and add some buttons to both the hat & the scarf, then it'll be done.


You can find the Hat Pattern here from Melanie Ham (BTW she's one of my Favorite Designers, just LOVE her stuff!)

And the Scarf can be found on Crafty Red's Site here.

Have Fun Kids!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Productivity...Productivity...Unemployment = Productivity

Hello Crocheters!

Are you catching a theme here?  Being home, unemployed means when I am not taking my turn looking for work, Hubby is also unemployed, I am hooking.  Which means a TON is getting done!

Lately I've finished the top banner for my Christmas blanket, finished two more squares for the Halloween blanket, made some more baskets and some doggie hats...check it out! No pic of the banner, waiting to get the bottom one done before I share them...I know I'm teasing ;-)

This pattern is my own, I used a Bulky yarn and some of the basics of making an Amigurumi to Put it together last night

Pattern Altered from Niftynnifer's Dog Hat Pattern, Link to Pattern in Image
Still working on the Halloween squares, have three more to do before its completely finished and ready for assembly, I honestly can't wait to see the finished product.

I've also been asked for the pattern for my Christmas basket, I am going to work that up as soon as I can, along with the Rabbit I shared earlier this week!

That being said, for all the non crocheters who are following-along, if you want your own Crochet Creation, please check-out my Etsy Shop!  I've added the baskets and will be adding the doggy hats as options!

And, I am still running my special for Buy One Stuffy, Get one 1/2 Off!

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Being Unemployed Has its Perks...I've Gotten Crochet Happy!

Good Sunday Evening Crocheters!

Hope Everyone has had a great week! It's been a very busy one here for sure - this past week I've been home, unemployed, taking a week off post layoff to rest my head, recoup and just recover from working or 5 years straight with no breaks.

So in that regard I've spent the week doing nothing but Crocheting! Got a border on my Christmas Squares, finished two more Halloween Squares (which I need to photograph) and made two hat/scarf sets that need buttons before I'll photograph them, and a couple of baskets + a Rabbit!

For now I can share some pics of the Rabbit and the Baskets...I didn't have a pattern for him, and just opted to wing it to see if I could create something without one, here's what I came up with:

The entire thing less his ears is winged, I got a little help from another blogger (can't find the blog again - sorry) but the carrot and his tail are 100% mine!  Super Happy with him!

Then the other night it was getting late and I was bored while watching TV and threw this together

It sits all of 6" tall and is roughly 8" at its base, but I am thrilled with it!

So then I decided to try and use a varigated yarn to see what sort of pattern I'd get and BAM! This happened last night!

The base is about 2" wide with the top at about 6" wide with a lid! I am pleased with the end result for sure!!!


I am going to add the baskets and bunny to my Etsy Shop, so come on over and check them out!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Christmas C2C is Almost Finished and I just HAD to make Another Basket!!!

Oh my Gosh I am SOO Super Excited Crocheters!

I finished the final block in the Christmas C2C on the RepeatCrafterMe Facebook Group! I just now have to do the banners and assemble it all together using this really pretty Christmasy Veragated Yarn my hubby picked out!

Check it out!

Link to Pixel in Image, Courtesy of Sarah Z at Repeat Crafter Me
Link to Pixel in Image, Courtesy of Sarah Z at Repeat Crafter Me

 Super Super Excited about these! I just LOVE them!

Now here's the entire thing in pre-assembly getting the layout together

What do you guys think?

So in between working on these lovelies, I also managed to make another basket! This time all one color!  And slightly bigger than the other one!

Link in Image from Melanie K Ham's Amazing Blog!

So now on my hook I have a scarf in Lattice pattern I'm working on for myself to match a hat I made last week!

Here are the patterns!

**NOT MY PICTURE - Image Courtesy of I Love Stitching Blog, Link to Pattern in Image**

So then I went looking for a Scarf Pattern that would offset this beautiful hat (which I wear ALL the time) and found this lovely pattern! Super Simple too!

**NOT MY IMAGE - Image Courtesy of  Crafty Red Blog, Link to Pattern in Image**

So that's what I've been up to lately! Got another Halloween Block finished but failed to take a pic of it, will take one when I finish the next square!

Have a Lovely Evening Crocheters!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

LOVE Creating New Projects and Sharing Them with You All!

Good Saturday Afternoon Crocheters!

It's been another super busy week in terms of production for YarntoAfghanCreations! I've created some amazing items I want to share!

First off two more squares in the Crochet-A-Longs I am working on!

Check them out!

Link to Pixel Square from RepeatCrafterMe in Image

And then to give myself a break from working up these squares I decided to use up some of my stash and make some items, first was a basket - my first! I am very happy with it!

Pattern Found at Melanie KM's Blog, link in image

And then two items I created on my own without patterns! An ear warmer and a hat for myself!

I am also in the process of working-up a corner-2-corner pattern scarf to go with the hat!

So what's everyone been up to?  What's on your hook this rainy weekend?

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Love Making Stuffies! (aka Amigurumi)

Good Tuesday Evening Crocheters!

Took a brief break yesterday from making the Christmas and Halloween Squares to focus some time on a different project - a new pattern for a Stuffed Puppy!

I went digging through my favorite place, Pinterest and found this easy peasy pattern for a Little Puppy on the Instructables Website (click link for pattern) and got to work!

Check him out! My daughter has claimed him, but I am trying to get a gauge on whether he'd sell in my shop before I add him as an option

What do you guys think? I love him, he's roughly 10" long and at his highest height he's about 6" (tail)

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

HOTH: Hot off the Hook, More Squares

Good Rainy Sunday Evening Crocheters!

Been a Very very busy weekend here at Yarn to Afghan Creations!

Because I currently don't have any pending orders, I've spent the Weekend working-up some more of the Repeat Crafter Me Christmas Squares Along with more Halloween Squares

Check Them Out!

Link to Pixel Square in Image
The sleigh - I can see something missing in the corner of the sleigh...but it still looks good.

Link to Pixel Square in Image
And Frosty - Man this one was a Challenge for Sure

Here's all of the Christmas Squares Together, it's HUGE! Have about 4 More Squares + the Banners Left

And I also knocked out two more Halloween Squares, Frankenstein & a Witches Hat

What are you Guys Up to this Weekend?!?!?

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