Monday, September 28, 2015

Another Productive Weekend Here at the Crib!

Good Monday Evening Crocheters!

Hope Everyone's Weekend was Productive! Certainly was around did I get a LOT done!

1st Was my Christmas Wreath in the Repeat Crafter Me Group Crochet-A-Long

Here's the Pattern

And my finished product - the result of Crocheting late at night meant that the lights on the bottom are screwy and there's one missing up top...hubby said leave it, but it's BUGGING me to NO END and I might try to find a way to fix it...

Then when that was done I put some time into this graph

And last but certainly NOT least, my next scarf/hat order from one of my GS Parents, she requested all black, picked out the pattern on the hat and I put this set together

The Hat is this Lovely Pattern, Elegant Hat by Yarn Inspirations.  The woman requested a flower instead of a bow, I was happy to Oblige!

So what's on your hook right now?

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

More Projects Completed - Yet There's Always More to Start

Good Saturday Afternoon Crocheters!

Hope Everyone is having a Great Day So Far! I know I am!

Spent the better part of the last week finishing up some projects - rather portions of projects - and now we're getting ready to start another Christmas Square, and a Hat & Scarf package.

So what did we get done?  Well I added a hat & a lovey to the shell baby blanket I posted about last week, remember?

I completely free-handed the Lovey and I like it - the face is throwing me off...

But hopefully the lovely woman who ordered it will love it! It was a gift added to the order!

THEN yesterday I worked more on the Halloween Bobble Graph blanket I started - adding a Pumpkin to the Candy Corn

This one was trying to say the least, had to pull out that 3rd row several times, and in the end I just left it the way it was...needs some blocking, but I'm happy with it.

And last but certainly NOT least, the Elf Square from the Repeat Crafter Me Facebook Group Crochet-A-Long!

Here's the graph as a refresher

AND my finished product! I am thrilled with him!

Can I just say I am addicted to the C2C Graphs? The Bobble ones are trying on the hands, but I love that too!

So What's Everyone Up To this Weekend? What do you have on the Hook?

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Finishing Touches are What Make it Special

Good Thursday Morning Crocheters!

Hope Everyone is Doing Well This Morning! It's Rainy & Cool here in the Port City, so we're hanging out indoors for the most part today.  No worries there's always a hook & some yarn to keep up occupied ;-)

Anyhew, the other day I posted a shell baby blanket I'd made for a former co-worker, well she requested the shell border on the sides, so of course I obliged, check out the finished product!

You can also see the color a LOT better in these pictures.  I also have a hat to add to this set to complete it, BUT that means a trip to Hobby Lobby, oh darn LOL!!!

I also had another order for a teddy bear, this one was very specific about what they wanted, but I was able to add some creative liberties to it! I started using this Lions Brand pattern, but finished by winging most of it, and I am proud of the end result and the customer is happy!

Cute Huh?!?! Now I've finished all my orders I can re-direct my attention back to the two Crochet-A-Long's I'm working on, I finished square #2 in the Christmas one last night - still need to weave in some ends and add a border (again need to hit Hobby Lobby) before I'm going to share a pic of my finished product, but here's the Graph

So that's where I am at right now!

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Weekends Always Mean Productivity Increases!

Good Monday Morning Crocheters!

I hope everyone's had a GREAT Weekend!

I sure did! Was a very very busy one!

With my current full-time job coming to an end I am working hard on YTA Creations to get it moving and pick-up business so I have some kind of something going once my job ends on 10/9.  So to do that I've been working hard to boost my skills and try new you guys know I've been posting a LOT lately using the Graphs.  I am loving those, creating pictures within Crochet squares has been SO much fun! Look here to see what I've done just this weekend!

First, there's another Halloween Crochet-A-Long going on the Repeat Crafter Me Facebook group, and this is square #1 of that - everyone who knows me knows I LOVE Candy Corn, so this was so much fun to do!

So on that I had made this lovely square for my Mom last week

And because she and I are just one the same wavelength I added another side to it

Added some additional bordering and turned it into a Pillow! My son just LOVES it, said it looks like it came out of a Factory! WHAT?!?!? Boy loves my work!

So because of that, I put this together for him over the weekend

He's got it hanging on his wall over his bed, said it goes perfectly with his Minecraft user name, which I am blanking on at the moment!

The last thing I finished over the weekend was this adorable baby blanket for a former co-worker who is going to be a Grandma in the Winter! I still need to add a shell border to the sides and make a hat, but I am in LOVE with it too!

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Friday, September 18, 2015

Square # 1 in the Christmas C.A.L is DONE!!!

Good Friday Morning Crocheters!

Check it Out!!! ALL Done with the 1st Square! Santa!

Tried to do him in the Bobble Square, but no success - started the normal C2C and had an issue, lost my place on the Graph and had to start over again, but I got it done last night!

Finishing touches went on this morning!

Here's the Graph

And my Final Product!

SUPER Excited!!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

And We Continue to Learn and Try New Things!

Good Evening Crocheters!

How is Everyone this fine Wednesday Evening?

Been busy at YTA Creations lately! I've joined the Repeat Crafter Me Facebook Group and have been inspired by those wonderful ladies to learn so many more things!

There's a Crochet-A-Long going on right now to assemble (9) different C2C Graphs into an Afghan for Christmas, I've started the 1st one, Santa and it's coming along nicely, not going to post an in process pic, but here's the Graph

Image and Pattern Courtesy of Repeat Crafter Me, Click Image for Link
So once he's done it's onto the next and so on and so forth until he's finished!

In the mean time I was inspired to also try a Bobble Square and here's the final result

My Mom asked for a heart square and we decided on fall colors! Isn't it pretty?! Thinking of doing more with another one...but decision's been made quite yet

I also wanted to show-off another Elephant I made!  A former co-worker of my hubby's has requested this Elephant and a Panda Bear to be made!

Once Again Thanks SOO Much for AmigurmiBB for the Pattern!

So that's where I'm at! I also have on order and in process a baby blanket set, so in between all of the above I've been working on that!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Teddy Bear Rounds out the Baby Set!

Good Evening Crocheters!

Hope Everyone's had a Great Tuesday! With yesterday being a Holiday today became like a Monday and oy did it drag! But hey I got to come home and put the finishing touches on this guy!

Pattern Courtesy of Lions Brand Yarn, Click Image for Link to Pattern

He rounds out the baby set I've been working on, remember to go with these items

I am looking forward to making the final deliveries on Thursday night!

Now onto another Lavender Mouse and a Baby Blanket Set!

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Getting Ready for Halloween!

Happy Monday Crocheters!

So I was wandering through Hobby Lobby the other day and three skeins of yarn just jumped into my arms - yeah that's it - they jumped into my arms - a orange, a white and a black! I decided I wanted to make something for the house for Halloween.  And while working on a Striped C2C square my son started asking me about whether or not I was planning on doing a picture like the heart I did the other day - told him I wanted to but was having a hard time finding something I liked, and he jumped at the chance to try his hand at it.

Now he's very artistic, can draw just about anything he puts his mind to - well he did a Google search for Pixelated Kittie's, found one he liked and adapted it to be a Ghost for Halloween.  Here's what he drew me:

So I got started on the project and he looked at it and decided to make some tweaks, and came up with this

You can see where he's separated the tail and paws at the bottom.

So I got to work and here's what I came up with

I am VERY happy with the end result as is he!

What are you all working on for Halloween?!

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Trying Something New and Adding to a Package Set

Good Saturday Afternoon Crocheters!

Hope everyone is having an Awesome Saturday!

It's an Absolutely Gorgeous Day here in the Port City and I am looking forward to having a great day with my Family.

But First I wanted to drop off these pics.

I recently joined a Facebook Group that goes along with the Repeat Crafter Me Website and Blog and those Ladies, I just have to say are an amazing group! So inspirational and supportive! So after seeing so many of them complete their C2C Graph's for a Christmas project I am guessing they are all working on as part of something the group is doing I finally decided to try and figure it out.  So I did some digging last night online and found two videos, one taught me the basics of C2C and the other how to Reduce when ready along with a basic graph pattern to follow and got to work.

Here is the pattern I followed

Image courtesy of Life Undiscovered Blog, Link on Image

And here's what I pulled together

I am very proud of myself! Had to pull the rows out twice, but I got it done!

As well last night I finished this lovely afghan to go with the baby layette set I did

Pattern Courtesy of Daisy Cottage Designs, link below

Found the pattern on Daisy Cottage Designs' Website, click on top image for direct link to pattern, but please go visit her website too!

Thanks for Visitin' today!

Have some Fun this Labor Day Weekend!

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