Friday, July 31, 2015

Projects - Projects - Projects

Good Friday Afternoon Crocheters!

Hope Everyone's Week is Wrapping up Nicely!

I have a stack of requests from my friends and family I need to get cranking on - It's going to be a super busy Christmas season for sure!

First one of my other Girl Scout parents has requested hats/scarves for her entire clan, I am starting off with a Minecraft themed hat/scarf for her Granddaughter.  We've settled on these two:

Image Courtesy of DIY Crafts

Image Courtesy of Kid Stuff
So I begin on those as soon as I finish some arm warmers to go with the Monster High Hat I made the other day.

Then she's requested hats for everyone else in her family - one a musical themed one, one NASA/UConn Themed, Flowers and there's like four others!

And I also got a request from another Scout Mom, the same one I made the blue afghan for has requested an infant sweater/hat/afghan set for a baby due in December.  WOW my head is truly spinning!

This weekend though I begin on my Etsy order and I have a secret project I am working on for someone special in my life that I won't discuss because it'll ruin the surprise ;-)

Oh and at some point the woman who ordered the Daisy/Chevron afghans is requesting two more daisy afghans...though she's on vacation for now and then is having surgery so it'll be a while before I get those in.

Busy Busy Busy but I Love it!

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Creating Useful Items

Good Thursday Morning Crocheters!

Tuesday evening I got it into my head to make some items that would be useful tools - one being some place to store my hooks - I've managed to accumulate 9 of them - and something to help keep my hands warm while I am at work - they love keeping our office at Icebox levels so this was an absolute necessity!

First I went digging for a means to store my Crochet Hooks and came across a pattern for an Aluminum Hook Wallet

Picture Courtesy of Priscilla Crochet - Link to Pattern By Clicking on Picture
So I followed the directions and this is what I came up with

Neat Huh?

Next I went ahead and found a pattern for some Arm Warmers and Came Across these

Image Courtesy of Whistle & Ivy - Link to Pattern Click on Image

So then I followed this pattern and made these

And they are warm for sure! Super Excited to have them for the office!

What are your Thoughts?

Have a Good Day Everyone!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Monster High Hat

Good Wednesday Morning Crocheters!

A couple of weeks ago my beautiful sister-in-law asked her Facebook friends if anyone could create a Monster High hat for her daughter's birthday in August! I immediately raised my hand and went "ooh ooh me me me" LOL!! She agreed and we settled on a hat she liked

So I went shopping, bought supplies and went to work and created this

Sent her the pics and she loved it!! I can't wait to see what her baby girl thinks!!!

Make Today Amazing Crochet Friends!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Scraps - What to Do with Them...Make a Scrapghan Of Course!

Good Tuesday Morning Crocheters!

Happy Day!

The sun is shining here in Southern North Carolina and it looks to be a gorgeous day!!

Every once in a while the question of what to do with your scraps comes up in conversations - my preference is to turn them into what I call Scrapghans.  They are just afghans I've made using nothing but scraps, there's no ryhme or reason to the pattern of colors, just what I grab and when.  I have once I keep at home and recently I gave one away to a photographer here in town and yesterday she sent me the cutest picture of it being used.

First here's the scrapghan I am referring to

And here's the picture she sent me yesterday

Photo Courtesy of Lifescapes Photography

OH MY GAWD I could just squeal! I had to look at it more than once to say yes that's the same afghan as above! But I did an OMG isn't that little angel just the Sweetest?!?!

So how do you use your scraps?

I am always taking requests for Scrapghans! They come from my imagination and I am always willing to share them with them world!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Finding Inspiration

Happy Monday Crocheters!

Hope Everyone had a Fantastic Weekend!

We sure did - kept things quiet at home and for that I am eternally Thankful!

On this gorgeous Monday I sit at work in a windowless box and dream of projects I'd like to work on - I have two pending I need to go shopping for and then two more Daisy Afghans that are waiting for the client to return from vacation and then have surgery before I can get started on - so in the meantime I wait anxiously for my next orders from the Etsy Shop or even from someone on Facebook!

Until that time I dream and I dream big of new projects - new stitches to try - new things I haven't attempted before and I am thrilled to say the wish list is long...

Like I'd love to learn how to Cable Stitch in Crochet, sort of like this baby blanket I came across this morning

Photo Courtesy of Hooked on Crochet Blog - click photo for link to blog

Isn't this the Sweetest?!?!?  I'd love to learn how to do this!

My next want to learn is how to make a sweater - I found this gem this morning as well

Photo Courtesy of Inner Child Crochet - click photo for link to blog
This is called the Genevieve Sweater, isn't it Gorgeous!?!?! I'd love to put this together!

I've spent a good bit of time this morning cruising through my favorite Crochet Website, All Free Crochet, picking out ideas, patterns, etc. The above were found on there along with several others I won't list here! But until I have the next daisy afghan order situated I'll have to just continue to cruise and work on my own projects once I finish my Etsy order!

Until then, Happy Monday Crocheters!

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

More Baby Sandals

Good Evening Crocheters!

Got a little bored tonight and made a pair of sandals for my 5-Month old Nephew!

Check them out!

I'll be adding these to my Etsy Shop!

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Yarn to Afghan Creations 1st Sale

I am sooo Excited to Announce that I have made my 1st Sale through the Etsy Store!!!

So super excited!! Here's what I've sold one each of:

Soo Excited!!!

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Older Projects Bring Back Memories

Good Saturday Morning Crochet Friends!

Have you ever dug through photos of your old projects and remembered each and every single one of them? I did that this morning and did it bring back memories of each and every single one of them!

Like this baby blanket I made for the receptionist at my kids after-school program, I loved putting it together for her and trying to create a pattern I thought she'd love!

And this Black & White chevron I made for our wonderful neighbor! He takes such good care to ensure our yard is mowed, he's always bringing us food, etc. it was the least I could do for it! He's also super involved in our local POW-MIA group and those are the colors of that group! Win-Win!

Or even this dual-colored blue square blanket I made for my son, at his request, he wanted a blanket of his own, so we decided on these two shades of blue and I came up with this beautiful square pattern! He still has this on his bed today - near 2-years later!

Then there was this gem I assembled for my daughter, our biggest Washington fan in the house, her after school program has them carry cards that they scan in and out for attendance - I put this together one night for her so she could carry hers in style!

Then there was this project - this one seriously got away from me in terms of size...WOW I never expected it to get as big as it did when I was making it - to give you and idea our bed there is a king-sized bed and that afghan takes up the entire thing! I didn't have a purpose for it, so I gave it away to a friend from high school for her teenagers room.  Last I heard she loved it!

Last but certainly not least a tri-colored chevron afghan I made with all intentions to sell - though it didn't - and now it has a home with my Parents! I use it whenever we go visit them! I love this Chevron with these colors!

It's amazing the rinse and repeat of patterns I use and the variety in which things can be made!

Happy Saturday Friends!

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Friday, July 24, 2015

A Request by One of My Girl Scouts Finished!

Happy Friday Crochet Friends!

A while ago I made an afghan with my family's assistance - they picked the texture/colors and I assembled it and made a square afghan that was so very pretty - sadly I didn't get any shots of it before I gave it away to one of my Scouts! That very night one of my girls made a request for an afghan of her own - her Mom told me Blue...pattern/size/style didn't matter just make it I did and here's where it got tricky - my Hubby suggested I do a Chevron pattern lengthwise vs. Widthwise as it normally I chained out 400 and began the process, all in all it was very time consuming but so worth it! The results are simply amazing!

Let me know what you think

It's Folded in 1/2 Here lengthwise
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Enjoy Your Night Friends!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A Chevron Afghan that's Size Got Away From Me

Well Crochet Friends! Happy Wednesday!

I finally finished the 2nd Order in the Daisy Afghan Order set for Lori and I am very pleased with the outcome!  Remember she ordered this

Well last night I finished hers and this is what I came up with

I am very happy with it - though the final size is the same size as a Twin Bed!  Ah well, I prefer to finish an afghan with the same pattern I started, I don't like to finish 1/2 way through the pattern - so once I hit the end of the 2nd to last yellow top I measured it and it was too small - so I then added another white section and then the repeated pattern at the top and it got too big...she asked for Adult sized and well this is certainly adult sized!

I've sent the pictures to her and I am hoping she loves it as much as I do!

Now to finish the Blue afghan for my Girl Scout and while I wait for her 3rd request I am working on another scrapghan! It never stops does it?!?

Anyhew, have a Great Wednesday ya'll!

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

We're Expanding our Horizons...More Flip Flops...This time for a Little Boy

Happy Sunday Crochet Peeps!

Once I posted the pictures of the little Girl Flip Flops I made for a friend - another friend of the family requested a pair for her son Hunter and because I had leftover materials I cranked out a pair for him happily!

Only this time I opted for some boy oriented buttons on the side vs. flowers w/pearl buttons.

Hope You Love them as Much as the Mom Did!

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Friday, July 17, 2015

One Project Done! Baby Flip Flops Are Done!

Ok I finished them! Took me a while - as these were a challenge for sure - the buttons were tiny, the hook was small, the yarn was tight - overall it was a challenge, but one I enjoyed!

Once again here's the pattern from Crochet Dreamz

The finished products - I do two pairs for a set of twins

Aren't they the Sweetest?!?!? I just love them!